The Camera Parka is made using a water repellent fabric and offers the best protection in drizzle, fog or mist. It can offer some protection in light rain, however seams are not sealed and opening the flap exposes the back of cameras.

Yes, you can. This helps to improve the battery life of the camera as well, if placed close to the battery.

We leave the cover on, close it tight and pack it in the camera bag. Don’t forget to remove memory cards and battery first. We do not place the camera with the cover in a plastic bag. Once we have brought the camera bag inside, we leave it for a few hours to slowly warm up.

There are earth magnets in the flap of the Camera Parka. They will stick in your washer and your Camera Parka can be torn apart. The magnets can also break when tumbled.

No. The Camera Parka is designed to be use with cameras on a tripod. There are no openings for camera straps. This choice was made to minimize exposure of the camera to outside as much as possible.

It is meant to be a snug fit. The trick it to use a safety pin, and some patience. Here is a link to step-by-step instructions:

Absolutely. Earth magnets (neodymium magnets) are safe to use and won’t damage cameras, SD or CF memory cards, laptops, smartphones or tablets. In fact, most electronic devices contain stronger magnets than in the flap cover to perform different functions, for instance hard-drives contain a magnet to spin the head. So why the concerns? Because older technologies based on magnetic fields were susceptible to magnets (floppy disks, VHS…).