How to Photograph and Process Nightscapes and timelapses, 2nd edition. ibook.

Chapter 16 – Shooting in the cold

Camera Parka – this padded cover (get the Pro version shown) from AtFrostedLens really does help keep a camera warm. I find it doubles the running time of a camera at -30C, as it was on the background photo. Heater packs inside the Parka help prolong life even more, while packs near the lens will help keep off frost.

Alan Dyer (Canadian astronomy author and astro photographer)

Book mentioning the camera cover

I thought I was only going to snap a few photos last night at around -30C. Of course I got carried away and after being out for maybe 25 min, frost started to form on my lens…. Oops… So I put the camera parka on and the frost on my lens disappeared allowing me to stay out longer and get some killer shots… I finally packed up cause I was getting to cold…. You guys should make human parkas too…. Thanks for the killer shots…

Gerry T.  Carmacks, Yukon.

Hello, I finally got a chance to use my camera parka. We went to Letchworth State Park yesterday. It was 28 degrees F. I love the camera parka. The quality and service is excellent. I forgot my tripod connecting plate so I stuck the camera strap through the tripod opening and walked around with my hands in the sleeves. I have Raynauds and the camera parka is fantastic for that. It also is great for protecting the camera from moisture. The water was raging over the waterfalls yesterday which resulted in lots of mist — with the camera parka my camera stayed dried and my hands were warm. Great product. Thank You.

Joyce F, NY.

Customer using a camera cover at Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake Alberta

Photo at Abraham lake. “Thank you so much for all the followups. Thank you for a wonderful customer service. Great Product”

Bernie V from LA


A message from one of our clients : “We may have got caught up in the moment of capturing and while we were using this remarkable invention of yours..We captured some Spectacular Aurora’s on the morning of November 10th, 2015.. I made a collage for ya and want to thank you for the Parka. Everyone Capturing in the Rain, Snow and well below sub zero temps needs to purchase one of these.. Well worth the price of saving Expensive Lenses and Cameras..Thanks again for the keeping me informed of the tracking and making sure we received it in time..”

Washington State

I love my camera parka! I live in north central Washington State, about 60 miles south of the Canadian Border/Osoyoos, BC, and the temps can dip below zero in the winter. I enjoy taking photos of star trails, northern lights (when visible in WA), and snowy scenes. I used my new Camera Parka on 1/2/16 and was able to capture some photos of frost in the 1°F temps. I was able to keep my camera outside for over an hour, without it frosting over or getting cold. My hands stayed nice and warm, too! This is the best purchase I have made in a very long time!! Thank you!!!

Nicole Davis


I LOVE my camera parka!!!
I use it all the time, but mainly for night time photography. I take photos of Northern Lights in rural Alberta, Canada.
Using the parka means I can stay outside a lot longer in minus temperatures (so far the coldest was -27C). It keeps the frost off the lens and camera body, and also keeps my fingers warm when I have to change settings.
I also love the remote shutter release cover. Cables like this don’t like the extreme cold too much, but the cover keeps it protected nicely.
One of the best camera accessory purchases I have made in a long time.


I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well this product from AT Frosted Lens worked, I was quite skeptical to being with. Thus far the camera parka product has been superb for my camera. The amount of protection it provides from the elements is amazing.  I deeply enjoy the use while using my fisheye lens while out shooting the Aurora.
Much appreciation to the wonderful people at AT Frosted Lens for such a great quality product and amazing customer service.
I look forward to purchasing a cable release cord from you sometime in the future.  I do hope that your business grows.

Thank you for taking the time to read my response. I hope you all have a wonderful year.


Since I started photographing the northern lights 4 years ago, I had been looking at protecting my camera from cold and frost. I love my camera parka! I never have frost and humidity on my DSLR anymore. The cover is easy to install, flexible and is made of outdoor fabric. I can easily access my camera settings from both sides, even with gloves on (and the inside fleece keeps my hand warm). The cover protects from cold and wind, and my batteries last longer. When I go wait in the car for the lights, I just leave my camera outside in the cold in its cozy parka all bundled up. I haven’t heard the sickening noise of my frozen shutter on very cold nights since I use the parka! Not having to worry about my camera makes photographing auroras much more enjoyable.

See more of her pictures at :

Soldotna, Alaska

I love the camera parka.  When being out it the cold so long at night trying to get aurora shots it keeps the camera nice and cozy.  I have had much fewer problems with the lens fogging/freezing over with it in place. It is nice to be able to remove my glove to better operate the camera without my hand freezing as well.  Thank you for a great


I am in love with the Camera Parka for going out in Minnesota, which is cold this time of year to take Aurora photos.  I wasn’t sure how to keep my camera warm because I am new to Aurora photography and this was recommended in one of the FB groups of Aurora photographers I am in, so I ordered it and couldn’t be happier.  Thanks for a great product, keeps my baby warm and I don’t have to worry.

Anchorage, Alaska


I received my parka back in December. I’ve been using it on cold days and backpacking trips. I love the poagies on the side for my hands. I also love how easy it is to fit it on the camera. It easily fits over my 24-70mm and 80-400mm Nikkor lenses (with the hood attached). I have attached two pictures, in the campfire photo, all three of us (my husband, the camera, and I) were wearing parkas! The parka was great because it was windy and single digits that night. Second photo is the parka in action during sunset photography.


Cindy Scaife

Photo of my friend Darla Young using her Camera Parka and one of my photos of the aurora borealis.

I used the Camera Parka to shoot the Northern Lights in Alaska and LOVED it.. Not only did it protect my camera, but helped keep my hands warm! My experience with it was good, I should have practiced with my camera controls withe the parka on first so I wouldn’t have had to sneak a peak so often! My only suggestion would be if the viewing area could be enlarged just a smudge.

Dr Susan H Hamstra

The word needs to get out on this great design.  Works well in subzero temps in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Excellent customer service – was shipped immediately.  The quality of the workmanship was way above anything made in China.  I plan on purchasing another for a friend.  Keep up the entrepreneurial spirit!

Delta Junction – Alaska

Lindsay Kaye won a camera parka during the Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway on Aurora Borealis Notification group ( in December 2015.

She took this picture in December in Alaska, when trying her camera parka. In her own words: “I got to test drive it last night!” She commented: “I’m in Delta, which is one of the best places for aurora photography… if you can and your equipment can handle 20, 30, 40, 50 below! We don’t even cancel school for cold until -55.”


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