Timo Oksanen


Video creator and photographer at

Timo Oksanen Productions


Landscape photographer from Finland, specializing in the night sky and northern lights.

I tend to spend many hours outside as I shoot time-lapses and it’s often quite humid.  When visiting Northern Finland in the winter, the weather tends to get extremely cold.  The coldest so far for me has been -37C / -34F.  I’ve used only warming pads in the past, but in such cold conditions they do not help. With Camera Parka, I’ve been able to shoot as long as I tolerate the coldness myself!

Timo Oksanen using a Camera Parka

Photographing the Aurora Borealis in Northern Finland


Licensing and Prints

Pictures and videos are available for licensing – please contact Timo.

Selected prints of the night sky are available on Timo’s website.