How to fit the Remote Shutter Release Cover

It is a tight fit, especially at both ends so the cover will stay in place when you are out shooting.

Here is a trick. Use a safety pin and a thread to pull the remote through the cover. Tighten the thread around your remote connection and put the thread in the pin.

Remote_cover_howto-2637 Remote_cover_howto-2640 Remote_cover_howto-2644

Put the safety pin through the top opening (larger opening) and pull it all the way through the cover.

Remote_cover_howto-2648 Remote_cover_howto-2650 Remote_cover_howto-2654

Fit the smaller black ending around your cable/connector to your camera.


Now, for the tough part –fitting the black ending around your shutter release. This is tight (on purpose) and it won’t go in the first try (tries). This takes patience and wrestling, but once it is fitted, the cover will stay on.

Remote_cover_howto-2660 Remote_cover_howto-2665

You are ready to go! For more info, visit